Submission protocol

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Use this page to record corrections to common spelling and grammatical mistakes. This will make sure our changes are consistent.

  • Doxygen-edible, multi-line comment style:

/** A slash, followed by two asterisks and a space, followed
  * by a capital letter as the start of a sentence. Subsequent
  * lines start with two spaces, an asterisk, a space, then
  * text. The final line is an asterisk and a slash.

Doxygen-edible Single-line comment style: A slash, two asterisks, a space, a complete sentence with capitalization ending with a period, a space, an asterisk, and a slash.

/** This is a single-line Doxygen comment. */

The C++ form is acceptable for non-Doxygen comments:

// A C++ comment.

Plural versus possessive: parameters -- plural, more than one parameter. parameter's -- possessive form of a single parameter. parameters' -- possessive form of multiple parameters.

"its" versus "it's" its -- Possessive. it's -- contraction form of "it is".

Separate not seperate.

Equivalent not equivalant.

OpenGL not OpenGl

Color not colour

Mipmap not mip map

"OpenSceneGraph" not "The OpenSceneGraph"

Try to fit in 80 Columns ?

Tabs are 4 spaces

Remove extraneous whitespace at end of lines, wherever noticed

Condense multiple spaces between sentences: good starting place.  The OSG's to
good starting place. The OSG's

Common fragments that could be batch replaced

/** Accept an ConstAttributeFunctor


/** Accept a ConstAttributeFunctor

* Capitalize first letter and insert an extra space preceeding the */ at the end of these common blocks (can be automated):

/** copy constructor using CopyOp to manage deep vs shallow copy.*/
/** return -1 if *this < *rhs, 0 if *this==*rhs, 1 if *this>*rhs.*/

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